ACCA SBR Best free resources to prepare

ACCA SBR Best free resources to prepare 

ACCA SBR Best free resources to prepare
If you are studying in a budget and need to cut cost; the following will help you prepare for the easiest paper in ACCA professional level.

1. All you have to do is get the grips with the syllabus by downloading the syllabus from ACCA site.

2. Download the past papers that is available for this paper - there is 4 sets (2 sample sets and 2 exam sets).

3. Visit the following sites to get free materials for ACCA SBR in terms of notes and also class material.
- Open tuition
- IFRS in a box

4. Tick off the syllabus and review the past papers; make notes of all the key standards.
I had made some notes available for students before - 4 pages that covers the whole syllabus.

5. Know your notes and how to use them.

6. Master the exam techniques for ACCA SBR and manage your time taken to solve an exam based.

7. Prepare short notes that will be used at the last day before the exam.

8. Good luck in preparing for the exams.

Are there any free materials to study when preparing for ACCA SBR?

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