Things all job seekers should know to get hired

Things all job seekers should know before apply and to get hired for a Job Role 

Things all job seekers should know to get hired

For all job seekers. Please share with them.

1.Don’t apply to every role.

2.Acknowledge feeling overwhelmed; finding a job is a job itself.

3.Your journey to success sometimes entails failure.

4.Stop thinking, “If I get a job...”start thinking “When I get a job!”

5.Avoid job-hunting burnout.

6.Join networking groups; build relationships with people that were/are in your dream job.

7.Secure professional CV & LinkedIn profile reviews .

8.Expand your skills/knowledge, take temporary/contract roles you are over-qualified for, volunteer where there are less or no individuals with your skills.

9.Change your approach/strategy if you feel frustrated to continue.

10.Have confidence that the process you are using will generate results.

11.Accept rejection without taking it personal. Many decisions don't work out for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

12.Reflect and learn from any sort of feedback.

13.Don’t limit your search to one site; most jobs get 1000+ applications hence increasing competition.

14. Understand your target market to ensure that expectations are in-line with reality and not just wishes.

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