Strategic Business Leader – the examiner’s tips 2019

Strategic Business Leader – the examiner’s tips 2019

Strategic Business Leader (SBL) You'll learn to apply knowledge, skills, and exercise professional judgement in the application and evaluation of Strategic reporting principles and practices in a range of business contexts and situations.

03 April 2019

ACCA SBL exam sitters need to set aside 40 minutes to effectively read the case study and requirements and plan their answers, says the examiner.

The other 200 minutes needs to be allocated to preparing and answering the individual requirements. That’s 2 minutes to earn each mark. 

In the most recent Examiner Approach Article PQs are told this exam will both look and feel very different to anything they have ‘experienced’ before.

The promise is there will be no more than 12-18 pages of information and exhibits for each exam. 

When the exam starts candidates are advised not to skim through the paper – remember there’s no choice of question, just one integrated scenario.
You must, however, analyse the requirements, so you know what is being asked. Oh, and if you didn’t know already marks are only awarded for answering the question set.

The examiner said ‘proper planning prevents poor performance’. You are advised to plan the whole exam before answering any part of the paper, because of its integrated nature.
The skills that are assessed tend to be more practical and analytical rather than technical or academic.

These could, says the examiner, include:
*Data analysis of spreadsheets and their interpretation.
*Analyzing visual aids such as heat maps, flowcharts, process maps, etc.
*Problem identification and resolution.
*Making supported recommendations.
*Drafting reports, memos, letters, articles or another form of written business communication.
*Drawing up some presentation slides with accompanying notes.

But remember this is not an exhaustive list of tasks. 


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