What are the Biggest 20 Lessons you will learn in Corporate world

What are the Biggest 20 Lessons you will learn in Corporate world

1.You are not there to make friends.

 2.What you do doesn’t really matter if you can’t show what you have been doing. Have a good presence at office.

 3.Always dress properly. It’s a confidence booster.

 4.Don’t mix your office group and personal groups. Never.

 5.Say no to things that you are not capable to do or you don’t have time to do.

 6.You can’t please all the colleagues. Trying to do so is the waste of time.

 7.Everyone is replaceable. Only thing that matters is the time and effort that is required to replace that person.

 8.People will break your trust and back-stab you and use you to climb ladders. Don’t take it personally but keep your eyes open.

 9.You must pay for every resource or service that you use one way or another. 

10.Don’t argue with your manager or try to prove them. In case you don’t already know, your boss is always right.

 11.Treat people with respect and don’t lose your cool easily. Always have positive attitude.

 12.Follow the rules and respect the organizational policy. You might feel like rebel by not doing so but trust me it will impact you in longer run.

 13.Don’t spend too much time with colleagues. 8 hours a day is more than enough.Don’t share your next move with anyone. Keep it a secret.

 14.Don’t share your weakness with anyone. You never know who is going to use it against you.

 15.Use politically correct language to avoid any harassment cases.

 16.Always do your job even if no one is watching or noticing you. You work should be your first priority.

17.Anything else can always wait during your office hours. This is a habit and it will take you a long way in life.

 18.Your office will fire you any day they don’t require you. So, make yourself ready to sell in market. Learn new skills and keep networking with people.

 19.You are more likely to get promoted if you switch departments or office rather than waiting on same position.

20.Don’t try to be the smart ass person who keeps throwing sarcastic comments all the time. Be helpful

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