What are the scope of the ACCA in Canada?

What are the scope of the ACCA in Canada?

What are the scope of the ACCA in Canada?

ACCA has worldwide recognition and moreover, it’s a professional qualification in accounting filed. Due to its worldwide reputation acca has good value across all countries in the world, so Canada as well. There is more than 2 lac acca qualified members around the world and many accounting students are in a way to pursue.

Immigration to Canada

ACCA Canada receives many inquiries from ACCA members and student members worldwide who have an interest in working or studying in Canada. ACCA Canada is unable to directly assist individuals immigrating to Canada, and members and students are advised to contact the Canadian High Commission, embassy or consulate in their own country for details of immigration requirements.

Please visit http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/index.asp for the department of citizenship and immigration (CIC) in Canada.

Prospective permanent immigrants will need to meet the criteria of a points system which takes into account a number of factors such as education, qualifications, age and family currently in Canada. Details are available at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

We can advise that ACCA members have received considerable education points on the basis of their ACCA qualification.You can also apply for CGA CPA Canada through ACCA Membership.

At the present, a member who holds an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) designation, is considered to hold a Bachelors degree. 

What are the scope of the ACCA in Canada?

ACCA in Canada
Canada provides a wide range of opportunities for accounting graduates (since ACCA is also considered as bachelor’s degree). For Canada financial industry is one of the chief areas of revenue though there is some drop in progress at past due to some reasons. Now again it came to a stable point and growing. The top 5 largest banksRBC, TD, Scotia, BMO, CIBC in Canada are well contributing for growth in this field.
As per the stats more than 6.5 lac accounting professionals are working in Canada at various industries. The demand for accountants and financial auditors progressively more and 65 percent new jobs openings in Toronto city alone.
The analysis of labour market indicators market indicators says shortage in jobseekers (71300) to fill available positions (75100). This is clearly saying that Canada has a good scope to ACCA in Canada.

Common Job roles with ACCA
Business Analyst
Financial Analyst
Tax Manager
Financial Analyst
Tax Associate
Finance Assistant and more
Salary Stats
Average salary an accountant can earn in between $35,500 and $75,500 based on role and experience this can vary.
Large companies: $37,500 to $45,750
Mid-sized/small companies: $35,500 to $42,000
Other Top countries for ACCA qualifiers to work
United Kingdom
United States of America
South Africa
New Zealand

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