ACCA Benevolent Fund Provides Support to ACCA Members

ACCA Benevolent Fund

The Chartered Certified Accountants' Benevolent Fund (the Benevolent Fund) provides support to members and their dependents who are experiencing severe financial difficulties.

Our mission statement is: To provide timely and appropriate support to members and their families who face hardship in old age or need at any time."I have to say that in better times I did not contribute to the Benevolent Fund, and now obviously wish I had.""Thank you so much for this 'light in the tunnel'. It has been an extremely difficult time for me and this has helped enormously."Recent beneficiaries of the ACCA Benevolent Fund.

How to apply for help

Members from all over the World can apply for financial assistance.

Many members in different situations have benefitted from the fund, beneficiaries include:
  • a 74-year-old member who suffered acute spinal injuries causing severe restrictions to his mobility. The Benevolent Fund paid for the purchase and installation of a stairlift. His wife was delighted that he could remain at home.
  • the widow of a Nigerian member who had died four years previously and was finding it very difficult to make ends meet whilst bringing up their children. After meetings with representatives of the Benevolent Fund and a report on the viability of the proposal, she was awarded a grant to help establish a shop, enabling her to support her family.
  • the widow of a member, who suffers from diabetes, osteoporosis and heart problems, who applied requesting assistance to supplement her meagre income. The Benevolent Fund awarded a grant to give her a sense of security and has also contributed towards a holiday.

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