Perks of being a Fresh graduate


Just few months back, I was a Fresh graduate wanting to get employed very badly but it seemed like no doors are opening or will ever open for me, Was growing frustrated by the thought of working so hard for so long and now having to face rejection all over again.
Was losing optimism at a very fast speed until one day a friend called me to ask if I was interested for a 3 month internship, to be honest I wasn’t willing because the company wasn’t that great, it didn’t line up with my goals and even the department wasn’t what I had wished for but “Beggars cant be choosers”..
So I decided to go for it. Now it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but I have to admit It was one good decision made by time for me as due to that internship I got to the place I am now and I have to admit I love where I am today…
I learned a lot about myself that the pride I have that I know a lot well in reality I have too much to learn..
I didn’t know where to head as a career but I sure did find out that where not to move towards..
I realized that \the person holding a position for a long number of years can teach you 10 times more than what a book would..
In short It was a great learning experience which I had not have choose, If I had any other option but Im still glad I did as It made me realize how na├»ve and immature I was… I forgot the foremost joy of being young that is a chance to make silly mistakes and still make it through, a chance to explore, a chance to find yourself….

I have seen so many people thinking whether to take a opportunity or not, I was one of them as well and I think we all have been that person and we must grow out of it…
A internship, a job or a volunteer work may not teach you what you want but it may teach you what you don’t want…
Be young, explore… make mistakes, take chances because YOLO(You only live once).. Be yourself and one day you will be right …. Till then enjoy the ride!

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