How to pass ACCA Performance Management (PM) F5 ACCA paper

How to pass ACCA Performance Management (PM) F5 ACCA paper

There are few steps to follow if you want to pass F5 paper :

Step 1 : Do not think that F5 is difficult to pass

Do not listen to other students who say F5 is difficult to pass.F5 is not difficult to pass.If one can pass it everyone can pass it.

Step 2 : Take interest in F5

F5 is an interesting subject as compared to other subjects of ACCA.You have to read and write about more general and real life things.Take interest in F5 if you want to pass it with good marks.

Step 3 : Which Book ? 

You can use different books to read but choose that book which is understandable to you.Like I used BPP text book for F5 because I understand BPP easily.

Step 4 : Practice by understanding!

Complete your practice of exam kit before exam.Do not haste in practicing the kit.Haste makes waste.Understand the question and practice accordingly. F5 is not about calculations merely. F5 is about what the figures SAY.

Step 5 : Exam!

Do calculations neatly.If comment is required at the end of your calculation then you have to link your comment with the data given.Explain the figures or your answer to the examiner in simple words.


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